Cruviola’s Enterprises has all the possible lighting needs at the disposal of event managers and stage decorators in Goa. Our business strength lies so much in lights that we have a tagline saying: “We light up your imaginations”. We are famous for our stock of intelligent lights available for sale too. Some of our light products are Beam 230 Moving head Lights, 108 x 3W Led Moving head lights.
54 x 3W Led Par lights, Super Pro 512 DMX light controller, 8 x 10W Led Beam Bar, 300W Full colour Laser, 4 cell Audience light, Led Star curtain cloth, LED Focus light, Led Wall Screen 6m x 4m, intelligent lights etc.

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Lighting is everything in every event.....

Good lighting is what introduces our eyes to the sights & sounds in every event. Effective lighting throws light on high profile people in events. Our eyes being the windows to the heart, mind and soul, event lighting is one of the most significant aspects that needs exceptional attention to bring out the magic.

Tweak the lighting and change the ambience...........
At Cruviola’s Events the light technicians and electrical engineers understand the depth of what good lighting solutions can do besides diminishing the darkness. Exclusive concepts utilizing different kinds of illumination solutions can transform any empty space to an smart & stylish place that is visually appealing to one and all.

Cruviolas uses the latest modern high- tech lights to ensure that every nook & corner is easily visible and that the power utilized is equally dispersed so that there are no fluctuations and variations during the actual event.

Event lighting solutions by Cruviolas Enterprises is offered for all types of events and occasions in Goa such as birthdays, weddings, beach parties and corporate events. All the lighting equipments and special light effects can be arranged and organized with fun, music, beverages and exquisite cuisine.

All of these factors enhance the ambiance which is created so that your guests and clients have a spectacular time and the event is remembered and talked about for months or years to come.

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Some Suggestions on Lights:

  • Create your lighting solutions rather than choosing readymade ideas.
  • Use drapes to cover a few sections of the venue and add spot lights around them.
  • One can provide wall light and even pay extra attention to the cake by adding colourful lights around the table.

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