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Set Design
Set Designing is the serious job of a professional engaged in designing and conceptualizing sceneries and themes for entertainments and events. Event Management designs are done by set designers who have a vast experience of doing creative designs in Cinema, Television, Theatre, Dance events, Concerts and other Mega events. When there is a Stage or platform which requires the presentation of people on a stage will always involved the services of a professional and experienced designers & decorators.

Set designers employed with Cruviola’s Enterprises have years of experience in working in various scenery departments starting from basic set design work such as painting, carpentry etc and slowly advancing towards more advanced skills and design aesthetics for designing sets. Generally set designers are artists either natural or commercial or with a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) Degree in Events Management Design.

What the mind of the client conceives, the Set designer at Cruviola’s Enterprises can achieve it. Your dreams and desires can be converted into actual touch and feel designs on your grand event day. Behind the scenes, the Set design coordinates with the Props department, developing props for the stage, supervises crews of electricians, carpenters, technicians during the construction stage and the set designer makes constant changes to the costumes, props, lights, sets and performers that come together for the final act on stage. The goal of the Set design of Cruviolas Enterprises is to present a scintillating and spectacular set that is practical to the client needs.


For all your print media solutions, Cruviolas Enterprises have on their team able and skilled Graphic designers who communicate by the use of type, space, fonts, colors, illustrations and images. At Cruviolas, our Graphic designers use a combination of words, symbols and pictures to create a visually illustrative representation of your ideas and thoughts for your event in Goa. All supporting elements such as logo designing, menu design, cover & printing, signboards, banners and flyers are done by us.


Multimedia Production
Cruviolas Enterprises can also help with the multimedia production needs of any event in Goa. Multimedia production is basically the features of Multimedia presentations. From simple point and click Power Point presentations to advanced and automated PowerPoint presentations, from Video effects to full blown animated presentations of graphic designs can be undertaken to keep the audience totally engrossed in your message or event.

Multimedia Production may involve:

    • Simple Power Point Presentations
    • Automated Power Point Presentations
    • Animations
    • Video presentation
    • Video effects
    • Voice over Pictures
    • Translators
    • Holding Screens
    • Background Scenery
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