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When audio or video content is streamed online on the internet either live (instantaneously) or after a slight time delay for editing, this distribution of viewable content is called Webcasting.  Many media agencies and websites make their programmes available over the internet. Webcasting creates the ability to interact with a larger and wider audience instantly or at delayed intervals with a totally new and virtual audience that differs from TV and Radio audience.

Cruviola’s Enterprises provide webcasting services as per your media transmission needs. Webcasting being a medium of transmitting media (audio & video) over the Internet using available streaming technologies differs from Podcast, so the viewers, visitors or users will not be able to download any of the provided media but will be able to view, hear and enjoy it.

Cruviola’s Enterprises assists event management companies in this type of Internet broadcasting of their events either live or in recorded format. Webcasting is actually broadcasting and this service is essentially beneficial for sharing talks, speeches at conferences and musical events.

Live Webcasting
In live webcasting the raw data or media that is audio and video format is sent across to the web server in real time. It is similar to watching a live cricket game being played in another geographical location. Live webcasting is essential and a must for news reporting and for shooting major events, where people want to join and participate in the real action via the web casting. For example: World service is a live webcast of news.

On Demand Webcasting
On demand webcasting is true to its name. It simply means the availability of certain media for watching it later, long after the actual event has happened, on demand. For on demand webcasting, the recorded programmes are stored digitally and hosted on a server and visitors and surfers can choose to view or hear the same at any later date or time in the near future. Audio and Videos hosted on www.youtube.com are a perfect example for On Demand Webcasting.

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