Anybody can make noise today. But to make beautiful noise that sounds as intelligent music to the ears is an art and skill handled by few professionals and industrial products. That’s where Cruviola’s Enterprises enters in the events and entertainments industry of Goa. Without Sound (meaning good) products in hand, one cannot make some real good amplified noise. Cruviola’s Enterprises take pride in pioneering and introducing the latest sound products and equipments that are used by RJ’s (Radio Jockeys) and DJ’s (Disc Jockeys) internationally.

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Cruviola’s understands that good sound is music to the ears. Sound has the capability to make or break any event.

Check, check, check, 1, 2, 3 Check

This is one of the few things that one hears as Sound Technicians get busy testing their equipment for one final moment just before the opening ceremony or the launch of the Mega event.

Gone are the days when sound was just considered a mike on a stand and audible voice or music coming out of conical cone metal speakers.
Today one has to look into the Acoustics of the area, Sound throw, PA system, Digital sound, Surround sound, Wireless Microphones, Wind dynamics, Amplifiers, Sound effects, Sound engineering, Audience tastes etc

At many live events in Goa one will find frequently many sound technicians operating mixing gear in the centre of a live audience, and some other sound technicians making continuous adjustments to sound equipment on stage.

Sound Reinforcement
Cruviolas Enterprises explains that in large open air arenas like music festivals such as Sunburn EDM festival, the Delivery, Distribution and Dolby effects of the sound are very important. Sound reinforcement skills are needed when multiple microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and large size loudspeakers are utilized for making live or pre-recorded sounds louder and also for distributing those sounds to a larger & live audience.

Sound reinforcement systems are always complex equipments, involving hundreds of microphones, complex audio mixing and signal processing systems, tens of thousands of watts of amplifier power, and multiple loudspeaker arrays, all co-ordinated by a team of audio engineers and sound technicians.

Sound Reinforcement involves the following equipments:

  1. Input Transducers (Microphones)
  2. This equipment converts the sound energy into an electric signal.

  3. Signal Processors (Equalizers, Compressors etc)
  4. These processors alter the signal characteristics.

  5. Amplifiers (Signal boosters)
  6. This equipment adds power to the signal without altering or changing the main content delivered. It just amplifies meaning makes loud.

  7. Output Transducers (Loudspeakers)

The transducers or simply called loudspeakers convert the amplified signals back into sound energy.


Key Sound Equipments need for Event Management

Wireless Microphones
Graphic Equalizers
Power Amplifiers
Mixing Consoles
Digital loudspeaker management systems
Digital Signal Processors
Noise Gates
Sound Effects
Monitor Loudspeakers
In Ear Monitors
Sound Cables

Designing a Sound System for Live Events
Cruviolas Enterprises in South Goa design & deliver sound solutions for all types of small, medium, large or Mega events anywhere in Goa. In all live events held in Goa, regardless of scale, there is a need for sound design so that the audio is delivered in a clear, natural overall sound. If the sound is unclear or noisy, or if some frequencies are abnormally louder or softer than others, then the audience will end up exhausted and will not be able to enjoy the event.

Mr. Cruz explains that Visual attractions are the first impressions but Sound has a continuous and long lasting impression. We welcome you to contact us at Mungul, Margao in South Goa and let’s make some noise together.

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